r was 6,000 times higher

reported on January 16, 2015 that since the beginning of the R▓epublic, 8.7 percent of its members of Congress were closely related to someone who had served in the body. The report▓ continued to point out that a smell of heirship could be detected in the U.S. president▓ial election

since the possible slate of▓ candidates would include the son of a governor and presidential candidate, the son of a congressman and presidential candidate, the wife of ?/p>

than ordi▓nary


坅 president and the brother of a president, son of a president and grandson of a senator (www.washingtonpost.com, January 16, 2015▓).Discrimination against beliefs led to unfairness in▓ political life. Not believing in


God could be the biggest disadvantage while running for a post in public office. I▓t was difficult for those who were not▓ Christians to win elections and for those who did not▓ have a religious belief, the chance to


win▓ elections was slimmer. In a May 2014 Pew Research su▓rvey, atheism was the most disqualify▓ing factor for a potential presidential candi▓date, according to a report posted ▓on the website of The Washington Pos▓t on September 22, 2015. Mo

people. In

re than ha▓lf of those surveyed said they would be

less likely to v

▓ote for someon

e who did not beli

addition, the chance

eve in God. And another Pew poll in July 2014 found that of all religion-related groups, atheists and Muslims were viewed the most negatively by Americans (www.washingtonpost.com, September 22, 2015).Citizens' electoral rights were further limited. ▓According to an a

rticle on the website of the U.S. New▓s and World Report on August 4, 2015, since 2010, a total of 21 states had adopted new laws to limit the exercise of suffrage. Some states shortened the time for early voting, while others▓ limi

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